Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Chilly Half Marathon - Race Report

After spending the Summer/Fall doing a ton of racing, it was nice to finally get back to racing this past weekend.  This was the 5th year I have run in the Chilly events and the Chilly in 2008 was my first half marathon ever.

Lumbering to a 2:53 finish time back in ‘08.


Training has been going well…really well actually except for the whole:  “Mother Nature being a beeyotch and throwing icy sidewalks at us.  I even resorted the week before to doing something I never thought I would do before –spend more than a few hrs on the ‘mill.

I spent just over 3 to be exact.


I actually did 2 things I have never done before a race.  1)  On Friday I met my friend (and 2:15 pacer) for a run that wasn’t short or slow.  2)  On Saturday, I did hot yoga first thing in the morning.  Nothing like mixing it up when you want to try to PB in a race. 

Race day was fine.  No icy sidewalks or footing (for a change MN…) and just a bit cool.  I was slightly overdressed but nothing major.  We met our friends and headed out to the race.



The race itself went really well.  I really didn’t want to be time/pace watching so my plan was to just run until 45min so I could take a gel.  45min became 50 as I good song came on and I didn’t want to stop.  :) 

Everything went fine until around 18km where the wheels really starting coming off.  I was nauseous and really really slowed down but just did what I could to keep going.  My overall goal was a 2:20 finish and I ended up a 2:18 – overall a 7 min PB. 

Post race, there were friends, smiles and a giant White Russian to celebrate. 

medal and cocktail

I’ve got 2 more races in March – the NYC Half and Around the Bay.  I am truly hoping they are as good race experiences as this one was.


ajh said...

The NYC half sounds like fun! Love going to NYC and some day I will do a race there. said...

CONGRATS!! a 7 minute PB is GREAT!! Glad it was your day!

Amy said...

Way to go on a big PB! Congrats!

Big Daddy Diesel said...

Congrats on the 7 minute PR, that is huge

macnic said...

Huge congrats on your 7min PB! That's so awesome. Hope to see you at ATB.

Robin said...

Congratulations Laura! That's a huge PB! Well done. Your season is off to a great start.

marie said...

What a fantastic PB! Way to go!

Teamarcia said...

Congrats again on the whopper PB! I am envious of the NYC half. I'd love to do that one!

Lisa said...

YAY!!! Good job!!!

katie@thecarbmonster said...

oh my goodness! congrats on the awesome accomplishment! (new reader!)